Santiago Velo Quintairos

Santiago Velo Quintairos was born in 1998 in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain. He obtained bachelor of music and a bachelor of pedagogy in Salamanca, Spain. Then, he finished the master of music program at Codarts, in Rotterdam, under the guidance of Karin Dolman. He actually is settled on that city, trying to create roots and developing himself in many aspects; specially concerning arts and education. Relative on that cause, he is currently studying one online master relative to professional orientation (figure of counselor in Spain).

Speaking about music, he is especially interested in experimenting and playing contemporary music, as well as participating in diverse chamber music projects. Also, thanks to Codarts, is exploring nowadays the sounding possibilities of the viola d´amore. His musical objective, based on that constant research, is to develope his own unique viola voice and, expand the horizons of the viola tradition. Regarding about tradition, he has two open projects; about Galician and Colombian music.

Santiago will be this year coached by the International Viola Academy, to find his place on stage. Into his dreams is playing in contemporary ensembles; like the Ensemble Intercontemporain, Ensemble Modern or Ensemble Musikfabrik, among others. This year, he is going to participate in some projects with the DoelenEnsemble, in Rotterdam; making his first steps. Also, one of his dream projects would be teaching and making research in latinoamerica, due to the amount of potential and resources that those cultures have.

On this page you can follow my activities to fulfill my dream.

• Recording Duo Pole (Viola/Guitar)
Master Final Recital
Garth Knox: Stranger (viola/viola d’amore
G. P Telemann Fantasía nº7