Entela Qarkagjija

Entela Qarkagjija was born on 14.10.1999 in the city of Gjakova, in Kosovo. She started playing the violin at the age of 10 and 4 years later she started playing the viola.

 Entela studies viola at University  “Hasan Prishtina” in Pristina with professor Blerim Grubi. She has played in many Orchestras such as: Kosovo Philharmonic, Kosovo Youth Orchestra, Pirolo, Bisyoc, Western Balkan Youth Orchestra.

She had masterclasses with Marc Sabbah, Karin Dolman, Laurent Verney, Michel Willi, Cristina Gestido, Ronald Carbon and Anna Pelczer  

My dream:

To bloom where I am. To bloom
despite the weeds and growing tall and
beautiful anyways. To Bloom where
I am even if I wish I was
elsewhere. Taking in all of the light
when the sun is shining and knowing
that the rain is also necessary .

Knowing that everything I need blooming is right inside of me-
I already have the strength and
ability to grow. Nourishing my body with music
and taking care of my mind.
Keeping to learn and grow.To let shine 
my true colors .

I hope the International Viola Academy is a help to me, to find for next year a place in Europe to studie. The main goal is to find the financial support I need to make it possible to come to Europe. So if there is someone, looking on my page, who thinks he can help me with that, please take contact with me.

My email adres is: entela_q0@hotmail.com